Top 5 Best Telescopic Fishing Rods: The Ultimate Guide

Best Telescopic Fishing Rods: The Ultimate Guide

A fishing rod is a vital fishing gear that every angler needs, whether you are a freshwater or saltwater angler. A telescopic fishing rod is a great option for you if you love fishing. There are so many types of best telescopic fishing rods available on the market to choose from that it becomes hard to choose the best one. The decision to buy the best telescopic fishing rod depends on the angler.

This article will analyze critically the category of telescopic rods, and after that, we will also give you a top 5 review of the best telescopic fishing rods. Before we discuss further, let’s first know what a telescopic fishing rod is.

What exactly is a telescopic fishing rod?

Telescopic fishing rods have become very popular over the past few years. This is mainly because Telescopic fishing rods are affordable and extremely portable.

A telescopic fishing rod consists of several sections which are designed to slip into each other to be compact. They collapsible design of telescopic design makes them so portable that many fishermen keep one in their cars at all times.

Every piece of this fishing rod has a guide and when the rod is fully extended the only thing that one need to do is to attach a reel. Put a line and you are all set to start fishing.

Advantage and disadvantages of best telescopic fishing rods

  • Size and portability
  • It contains wide variety of replacement part, making it easy to fix the rod
  • Extremely high flexibility
  • Opening and closing the parts can damage the rod
  • Proper maintenance is needed for long lasting performance

When it comes to convenience, anglers highly recommend this fishing rod. The rod is probably preferable over a 6- or 7-piece rod. They are quicker to assemble and, when not in use or while traveling between fishing spots, it’s easy to retract without necessarily having to wind up line or remove the hook.

The most important thing about this fishing rod is its size and weight. They’re made to save space after all, and it’s still their primary purpose in an angler’s toolkit. Also, durability is another prime consideration.

Every fishing technique requires different fishing tools.  To pick the best telescopic fishing rod, you have to first determine your target species and your fishing technique and see how close of a match you can find.

Paired with the right reel and solid experience and with the right choice, you will soon find yourself fishing in your favorite place.

Let’s take a look at three of the best telescoping fishing rods available on the market, though, and help you to make the perfect choice for your own needs.


#1 Pick:

PLUSINNO Spin Spinning Rod and Reel Combos Carbon Telescopic Fishing Rod
Best Telescopic Fishing Rod

Feature and Description

·         High Elasticity

·         Highly durable

·         EVA fore grip for extra comfort

·         Line Capacity: 25/200

PULSINNO Spin spinning rod is one of the best telescopic fishing rods in the market.PULSINNO spin spinning rod is specially designed for beginner level anglers, as it comes in two combo packages. The first combo has the rod and the reel. The second has some extra fishing lures, fishing hooks, line and some other useful accessories.

This fishing rod offers great elasticity and durability as it is made of high-density Carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass.

Stainless Steel Hooded Reel Seats is anti-seawater corrosion; EVA Fore Grip for comfort. The telescopic fishing rod is portable, and closed length design is convenient carrying around. With medium power and large line capacity, this is one of the best telescopic fishing rods both for the novice or an experienced fisherman.

The telescoping component works as it should and is easy to set up. We love these fishing rods because they are small enough to fit in our tackle box and it makes going fishing so much easier instead of having to carry around giant fishing rods. You can buy the best telescoping fishing rod confidently and use it years after years.


·         Affordable

·         Well-constructed

·         Very strong material, as it is practically incapable of rusting


·         A little heavy for a spinning rod


#2 Pick:

PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod Retractable Fishing Pole Rods Saltwater Travel Spinning Fishing Rods Poles

Best Telescopic Fishing Rod

Feature and Description

  •          Great for both saltwater and freshwater
  •          A perfect rod to keep in your car
  •          Highly durable
  •          EVA Fore Grip for comfort.
  •          Dependable craftsmanship

PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod is voted by the vast number of anglers to be the best telescopic fishing rod that can be bought at its price. This fishing rod is manufactured by a reputed company that has mission of bringing the creative life to more people, especially passionate fisherman. The development team of this fishing rod drives ideas and seeks inspiration from life to come up with products that are not only easy to use but also smart in look.


The retractable fishing rod offers hassle-free portability, with a special closed-length design that can travel conveniently. It’s made of fiberglass and carbon fiber and takes the cake when it comes to durability.


Made with high density and reliable flexibility, the fishing pole comprises sections that lock into place. Once the segments are locked into place, everything holds securely and can be quite easy to reset.


PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod is perfect for saltwater fishing, with stainless steel hooded reel seats that ensure efficient resistance to corrosion, a dominant issue considering the conditions you will be fishing in. The reel seats ensure secure attachment of a reel, for wobble- and jiggle-free capture of the fish.


The fishing rod delivers moderate action, bending over the last half of the unit or at about the middle. This superb flex works efficiently for long distance casting and hurling of small lures or flinging live bait without having to throw them off the hook. The medium action also delivers sufficient hook setting capability.


The aluminum oxide guide inserts ensure light weight and resistance to corrosion from the saltwater. The strong and durable fishing pole accommodates lure weights from 20 to 40 grams. It is perfect for boat fishing and sea fishing, as well as other activities. Available in several lengths, the rod can be bought in 1.8 meters, 2.1 meters, 2.4 meters. 2.7 meters, 3 meters, and 3.3 meters. It collapses into a single 20-inch unit for problem-free portability and storage. The black cloth bag that ships in the package facilitate carrying.


·         Perfect elasticity

·         Reliable flexibility

·         Each section is held firmly

·         Easy to reset



·         Fishing reel is not included


#3 Pick:

Sougayilang Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod Portable Super Hard Fishing Pole for Boat Saltwater

Top 5 Best Telescopic Fishing Rod: The Ultimate Guide

Features and Description

·         High-quality material

·         Suitable for spinning reel

·         Power: Medium light for high elasticity

·         Highly durable

Sougayilang Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod is a tested fishing rod that is both transportable and easy to use. A fishing rod is a versatile option that is suitable for both the right and left-handed individuals. It does well whether you are fishing along the shores, rocks, and reefs. Anglers and passionate fisherman going on vacations and trips prefer this rod.

The fishing rod is made from top-grade carbon that makes it durable and sturdy. It comes with a reel and a rod which places it far ahead of other options. The rod is very light in weight hence easy and flexible to use.

Sougayilang Spinning Telescopic fishing rod is a desirable rod you needed for a big catch.If you want an alternative that can do well in almost any fishing technique, then you have to take a look at this fishing rod.

This high quality spinning telescopic rod has many features and is specially designed for fishing enthusiasts. To sum up, it is one of the best collapsible fishing poles and it is affordable and ideal for someone who wants to invest in a durable rod.


  • Sturdy construction
  • High-quality guides with ceramic inserts
  • Good Position of the reel seat offers good balance and stability



  • Series 1.8 does not have many guides



#4 Pick:

Eagle Claw Pack-It Telescopic Spinning Rod, 5-Feet x 6-Inch

Top 5 Best Telescopic Fishing Rod: The Ultimate Guide

Features and Description

  • Minimal Design
  • Glass construction with ceramic guide
  • Medium Power with line weight 4-10 lbs


The Eagle Claw Pack-It Telescopic Spinning Rod is a simple and strong fishing rod. It is one of the best fishing rod from this manufacturer till date. The fishing rod features a glass blank material that is tough enough to withstand the most rugged conditions. In fact, this fishing rod is tougher than you can imagine!You can get many benefits at the price of one. Furthermore, it is remarkably comfortable to hold as it has an EVA foam handle grip and it is portable.

This fishing rod can be easily carried in hand or just brought with you in the trunk of a car or a turboprop. The highly durable glass construction guarantees zero damage enabling it to withstand intense pressures of travel with ease.


The fishing rod is equipped with a medium action tip making it perfect for spinnerbaits, buzz baits and crankbaits. With a combination of fiberglass material making it lightweight and sensitivity to a whole new level thereby making the rod easy enough to cast far.

The Eagle Claw fishing rod comes with ceramic guides that allow the fishing line to be perfectly placed thereby ensuring that the line never comes in direct contact with the rod. Due to this wonderful engineering, the rod is friction free and insignificant amount of heat is produced when you catch a big fish fighting and pulling against the line.

This model from Eagle is a definition of strong build incorporated with saving storage space to the maximum.This fishing rod is a must buy for top-notch reliable performance.The Eagle Claw Pack-It is definitely the fishing rod you would want to take in a perfect fishing location.



  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Very good reel seat made of durable material



  • Little handle



#5 Pick:

Sougayilang Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Top 5 Best Telescopic Fishing Rod: The Ultimate Guide

Features and Description

  •       Tough reel
  •       High-quality material
  •       Highly durable
  •      Fully adjustable cast control

The amazing Sougayilang Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod is very helpful for fishing. This travel fishing rod combo kit is absolutely ideal with a beautiful brilliant classic gold with blue design. The fishing rod carries with it strength, durability, adjustability, and flexibility. With the features of good elasticity and strong heavy capacity. Portable closed length design for conveniently carrying around.

With high-density Carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass make fishing pole hard & durable. The fishing rod is extremely durable with all metal material fishing reel, EVA Fore Grip for the comfortable fishing experience.

Fully adjustable cast control with sound. S-curve oscillation system for very good line winding. Aluminum spool with high-tensile gear.


This telescopic fishing rod allows you to carry this rod anywhere. It takes up very little space and extends

Into a full-size rod. Every fisherman has different needs and will be fishing in different conditions and this rod is a perfect for all.


  •          Lightweight
  •          Easy and flexible to use
  •          Good for big catch
  •          Affordable


  •          The rod doesn’t come with many guides


Final Verdict

Fishing is a magnificent and rapidly growing sport that has many benefits. Our lives are over-scheduled every year, fishing gives us an opportunity to escape from the daily routine. There are several reasons you should consider getting a telescopic fishing rod for your next fishing experience. Telescopic fishing rods become very popular amongst fisherman community because they are nimble, portable and affordable.

Above we analyzed the top 5 best telescopic fishing rods critically. We hope our best telescopic fishing rod reviews help you point the right direction. We hope that you have now a well-rounded view of the product and good luck!

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