How to Make a Toilet Flush Better

Won’t one flush to do the trick? Don’t worry. The answers to all your toilet flushing problems lie in this simple post that I am going to give you. From low water levels in the tank, clogs along the drain, to vinegar soak, you’ll have all the tricks that will boost your toilets flushing power once you leave here. Read along.

Use a Toilet Plunger or Plumber’s Snake

Buy the best toilet plunger and shut off the water supply to the toilet. Then flush out the tank and draw water excess water from the bowl using a tin and a bucket. Make sure the water in the tank is at the lowest level. Insert plunger and take two soft plunges before going vigorously. Do this until the clog is gone. You can flush to confirm.

If you are using a plumbers snake you should insert the snake into the drain and twist. Keep twisting to break the clog. Once the clog is broken the water should be able to flush through really fast. These are the best options here.

Step 1: Find out if your toilet is clogged. Pour a gallon of water in the toilet’s bowl. Flush it to see if the water level falls fast. If it doesn’t you probably have a blockage. There are many ways to unclog the toilet. Here are a few options you may try in order to boost your toilet’s flushing power.

Step 2: Check the water level in the tank. The low water level will give you weak flush. High water level gives a powerful flush. If the level is too low, you can adjust the bob to raise it more. Make sure you watch out for the overflow level. Using the toilet tank float assembly requires you to have a good insight. Ask a plumber to help.

Step 3: Assess the toilet bowl flush holes. These are holes in the toilet bowl’s rim. If the holes get clogged they will prevent the water from rushing out with power. This may result to poor flush and the poor will stare at you too.

Fixing this problem is easy. You can use a bobby pin, small drill bit, or a hanger wire to push out the clog and clear up any blockage that may arise. Flush also in intervals as you break up these small clogs around the toilet flush holes fast.

Additional Tips that Will Boost Your Toilet Flush

There are a number of tips that you can still apply and get the boosted flushing power anytime you need it. Here are some of the best options.

  • You can look for any signs that he flushes is short. Short flush will prevent your tank from emptying completely once flushed. The flush should always continue for a moment of two once the poop disappears.
  • Look for any objects such as debris and dirt particles in the toilet tank that may prevent the toilet from flushing properly. Clean the tank often and make sure the float is properly adjusted to provide efficiency.


If you want to learn about toilets and how to make them work efficiently, read more from toiletrated blog the experts. You can always count on every advice that you get if it really works for you and your needs.


A great toilet will ensure that you get the best flush. However, over time the toilet could reduce inefficiency if you don’t care for it properly. Apply every care and maintenance tips to keep your toilet functioning properly.

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